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May 12, 2020

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A Custom Shoe Closet like No Other!

A Custom Shoe Closet like No Other!

I have seen a lot of in my time, mainly in photos, and most of them tend to look the same whereby you have those sloped shelves that leave the toes pointing downward, in a stacked-shelf system, much like in a shoe shop. But this one is unique as it is a side profile showing design, one you do not often see. This was custom built by the poster (on Facebook’s The Shoe Forum) and I have say is pretty cool. For me it’s cool simply for the grandeur appearance it leaves on the wall. It is a statement like a piece of art. I would go as so far to say actually, that this very installation is actually a piece of art. Even, I don’t like 99% of the shoe on that wall, I would prefer to have this piece of art then many of the pieces I see in the ‘modern art category.’ But enough about art.

My question is, where are the boots? Ha! But in reality, I think that this is awesome. And the maker claims that he made it with his wife. She is definitely a keeper. I can imagine if most of us men of the shoe world asked our wives to cover an entire wall with our shoes, I do believe that a lot of eyes would be rolled to the back of the head, in the mild versions! Joking aside, I found this very intriguing and thought that many of you would too and potentially give some of you some ideas of your own. Look forward to this guy making the boot version of this!


A Custom Shoe Closet like No Other!


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