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June 18, 2020

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Cashmere Nubuck Alligator Loafers – Altan

Cashmere Nubuck Alligator Loafers - Altan

I was never a huge fan of exotic leather, not at least when the entire shoe was made of exotic leather. I liked when little snippets of the pattern had exotic leather. Like a facing, a vamp, or cap and counter etc. But entire exotic leather made shoes, for me, where a lot a swallow. But in recent years, this rise of has risen and this I am a huge fan of. Especially in dark blue, dark brown and black. I find that it is most often seen/made in some sort of navy/dark blue, as you can see here. Maybe that has proven the most liked color? Makes sense if so!

So , of Paris, has been one of those brands utilizing this type of leather which has made me like it more and more as I often frequent their IG page so what cool, new thing they have came out with. But this one here just might be might favorite of theirs. I love the color. The texture is sublime and of course I am a fan of the penny loafer with chisel last and flared tongue.

Cashmere Nubuck Alligator Loafers - Altan

I actually looked at this leather while at Lineapelle in January, the leather trade show, and boy is it expensive! I wanted to make a pair or two and slowly start offering this type of stuff too but with the costs prices as such, might have to wait until next year 😉

Always good to see Altan’s use of it. I could really imagine myself getting a ton of use of these in the Spring/Summer. The exotic suede is SOOOO soft its unreal. Would probably feel like butter on the feet.

Anyway, I hope that you all enjoy these too!

Cashmere Nubuck Alligator Loafers - Altan


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