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July 13, 2020

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Hi Top Sneakers – Yes or No?

Hi Top Sneakers - Yes or No?

My love for shoes started with . It is a natural progression as very few youngsters (read teenagers) start by loving dress shoes. For me, it was Nike all day. But outside of basketball shoes, I always preferred low tops but liked the idea of the Hi-Top. I guess my issue was the struggle on how to style it. As a person that feels the shoe is the most important part of the outfit, I always feel that most of your shoe/boot should be shown. That’s why I wear skinny trousers that are cut to simply kiss the top of my shoes, thus allowing them to be fully shown to all that pass by. But Hi-Tops are tough to do that, unless you cuff your trousers, which I was never a fan of until more recently (as you can see). So I forever struggled with my love of hi-tops and really just never wore them….until now.

From starting my sneaker collection a few years back, I wanted to make what I felt was the equivalent in a Hi-Top sneaker i.e. a more elegant style of one, not too casual but casual enough to wear it comfortably. So I came up with the design shown, which incorporates ideas from both dress shoes and classic sneaker designs. And to be honest, I like them more than I ever imagined. Although I am still undecided if I want to continuously wear my jeans cuffed up so high which makes me feel as if I am trying to ‘be young’ when in reality I just want to show all of my design!

What say all of you? In 2020, where it sadly feels as if people are getting more and more casual, how do you feel about a smart casual Hi-Top sneaker? Would you wear it or prefer to stick to dress shoes and low tops?

This will be launching soon so do stay tuned…just finalizing the details and colorways I want to offer. I hope that you all enjoy and if you don’t, well no worries there either as to each his own!

Hi Top Sneakers - Yes or No? Hi Top Sneakers - Yes or No?



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