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August 19, 2020

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A Testament to Quality – Crockett & Jones Boots

A Testament to Quality - Crockett & Jones Boots

Chris Crat, a manager of one of the shops in London, and an avid fisherman has shown what good quality can give you. His IG feed is filled with shoe selfies or fishing posts and until recently I never noticed that all the while, Chris wears the Snowdon derby boot by for all nearly of his fishing adventures over the last 7 years (he seems to rotate between those and a Coniston boot, shown below). One might not think much of that, assuming that he fishes on occasion, but let me assure you unless Chris is recycling pictures it would appear that it is either a weekly weekend adventure or at least bi-monthly. Either of which is a lot of fishing and a lot of subjecting of one’s boots to very rough elements.

A Testament to Quality - Crockett & Jones Boots A Testament to Quality - Crockett & Jones Boots

I am not one to allow my boots to get to a level of ruggedness displayed in the top pic but when I saw that picture, there was a manly, rugged attractiveness about it, mainly because it showed how a quality product, built to last, can stand the test of time even when subjected to harsh environments. And if you follow Chris’s page (@muddy_fishing_boots on IG) you will see that he is no stranger to harsh environments and putting to good use these boots.

A Testament to Quality - Crockett & Jones Boots

And the idea is proven that when spending a bit more you get something that actually saves you money in the long run. If your mentality is to buy cheap because you want to spend less, in the long run, you actually spend more as cheap shoes will always be made from cheaper materials, less craftsmanship that keeps the product in-tact and due to those things, your product breaks down faster and your have to spend again, while a shoe more expensive would have still been going strong.

So next time you are in the market for a pair of shoes or boots, do understand that spending that extra $150-$300 can sometimes save you double to triple that in the long run, not to mention almost always look and feel better at the same time!

**Crockett and Jones are currently running their Summer Sale at a store near you!**


A Testament to Quality - Crockett & Jones Boots


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