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August 12, 2020

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To Be Worn…or To Be Cherished?

To Be Worn...or To Be Cherished?

I came across this picture of Hemingway loafers by and was inspired to make a post about a subject I do not believe I have ever written about. The idea of your shoes and wearing them. I feel there are two types of people. Those that beat the heck out of their shoes and those that cherish them like trophies. The question is, which are you? I have always been the latter until recently. Now I am a combination of both. Allow me to explain.

Growing up, I always had two all-white Nike Air Force One’s. It was the standard in my time of youth. One of them was always brand new-in-box, never touched, and one that I wore consistently. But when I say wear, I mean watching every step I took and cleaning before every wear to ensure they stayed as white as could be. Because nothing was more unappealing than dirty-looking shoes. And this type of mentality has been with me pretty much ever since. As I amassed more and more shoes, the more pristine they stayed too, as their subjection to light/the elements became less and less. But as I get older, I find myself gravitating towards the same pairs over and over. And now I have pairs that have never even been worn before and I have had them for at least 2  years. Imagine that. Because my Summer go-to’s are my butterfly loafers and my Winter go-to’s are my chelsea boots and city hikers.

To Be Worn...or To Be Cherished?

But I never understood taking a shoe to the level highlighted in photo. I don’t think that I could ever bring myself to do that. Frankly, I would never repeat a pair of shoes in the same week, let alone day after day. But always wondered what that was like. When I see this photo, I feel there is almost a sort of freedom to it, to the idea of just not giving a fuck and wearing your shoes to death. To really getting all of your money out of them by pounding them into the ground.

I imagine as I get older, I could get closer to this type of person. My black chelsea boots probably have the most wear of all and the older I get the lazier I get and slipping on a pair of boots sounds more and more appealing each day. It takes me effort to think of my outfits now, an effort that I don’t often care to exert. I am starting to subconsciously create these easy go-to outfits without attempting to be clever and stylish like I once was putting thought into my looks and caring about the end result. Comfort and ease are setting in. Man, a sign of the times. I am getting closer to the top picture more than I think!!

Ha! Just kidding. I will never double a shoe in the same week. Not even when I am 80! Can’t stop being that Shoe Snob!

But…which guy are you? Cherish your shoes? Or wear them like hell!

To Be Worn...or To Be Cherished?


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