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October 26, 2020

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No Shoe Unsalvageable – Bedo’s Leatherworks

No Shoe Unsalvageable - Bedo's Leatherworks

Bedo’s Leatherworks has done the unimaginable (but in a good way) and that is save a pair of shoes that has been annihilated by a dog’s mouth. Luckily this has never happened to me but I am sure that many dog owners, share some feelings of sad nostalgia towards seeing the featured photo. But instead of your heart sinking to your toes, be restful knowing that a shoe savior is only a trip to the post office away. And that is Bedo’s Leatherworks, based out of Virginia.

I always thought that once a dog ripped through that upper, your shoe was toast. Not even a shoe factory would attempt to fix a shoe that looks like that. In reality, it wouldn’t be worth their time, as they are all about production and not repair. But Steve Doudaklian will gladly take your shoes and revive them to as close to their original state as physically possible and these images and video linked below are proof of that.

A little background on the pair is as follows:

  1. Shoes were by , chewed up by the owner’s dog
  2. Price was $500 but Steve told me it should have cost more as he did not realize at first what exactly was the leather (i.e. whisky cordovan by Horween) and it was very difficult to source. This, of course, will always be the biggest challenge. And while $500 can be tough to swallow for many, please know how difficult this is to achieve.

I have not known Steve for long, admittedly, but since catching onto his work, have been nothing but impressed with all that I see. There are few cobblers (in the world) as skilled as he is and I suggest you follow his YouTube channel which is filled with inspiration on what can be done to fix/save/salvage nearly any pair of shoes imaginable. And bags too!

Bedo’s Leatherworks

No Shoe Unsalvageable - Bedo's Leatherworks



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