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December 28, 2020

Elephant Boots by Alte Art – Next Level!

Elephant Boots by Alte Art - Next Level!

Well, there is a first for everything and this is the first elephant balmoral boot that I have ever seen. And man is it impressive! And it is no surprise from whom it comes from as these are producing some of the most interesting pieces of art in today’s world, at least for my taste! And their name is . Admittedly, I do not know a whole lot about them and their IG page is mainly in Japanese, but shoe blogger Jesper of Shoegazing had the opportunity to visit them on his trip to Japan and did an incredible write-up on them, where you can really see just how deep their art goes.

Elephant Boots by Alte Art - Next Level!

But back to the subject at hand. These balmoral boots are something else. They are so intriguing and I love the color combination. Definitely not for everyone but certainly for the real shoe lovers as this sets the bar for originality and uniqueness. Some people might get taken aback by the fact that elephant hide is used, but I know that there very strict laws with regards to acquiring this leather so rest assured, this does not support anything negative.

Usually, in the past, I have only really seen elephant hide used on shoes with few seams as the hide is not the easiest to work on. Imagine trying to stitch a straight line on that surface. Now imagine stitching two parallel to each other and being both straight! And yet Alte Art managed to do so flawlessly. This boot is impressive, to say the least, and truth-be-told just might be my favorite of 2020. It is perfect in every respect.

Definitely check them out if you want to see things you have never seen before

Alte Art Webpage –

Atle Art Instagram –

Elephant Boots by Alte Art - Next Level! Elephant Boots by Alte Art - Next Level! Elephant Boots by Alte Art - Next Level!


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