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Dear Readers,

I have had my email closed for the past 2 years now (today is Sept. 20th 2018) due to simply not being able to handle the number of emails that I was receiving. But I am opening it back up. I will say as a disclaimer that I might not have the time to answer your email, especially if you write me a lengthy one. But I will do my best. If by chance, I never get around to answering it, please do not take it personally. There are simply not enough hours in the day to handle everything that I have on my plate.

For shoe shine questions, please study this post here:

I am currently based in NYC but am often traveling. My showroom is based at 14 Christopher St. Suite 1, Floor 3. Zip: 10014 … if you are in the area and wish to pop by please do so. But best to email first to make sure we are around.

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Justin, “The Shoe Snob”