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January 9, 2017

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Taft Boots – Something Unique

Like a broken record, I will repeat that it is always refreshing to see shoes/designs that are ‘different.’ And Taft shoes/boots are anything but the ‘norm.’ They offer a fresh, modern twist not only on the derby boot but even on their shoes, incorporating a lot of woven leather. And not only do they make a twist with their signature contrasted cap, but also do a lot of natural (or lighter colored) sole edgings which […]

March 23, 2015

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Jay Butler Shoes

Being American myself, there is nothing better for me than an “American Dream” success story. In my opinion, as bold as it may be to say, I believe that we all have the capabilities to become who we want to, within our lifetime. More often than not, it simply ourselves who hold us back from doing/being just that. But every now and then, someone out there believes in them self (whether American or any race […]

February 16, 2015

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Feit Wool Hiker

Okay, so I am now back in Mayfair of London and just going through all of the motions of moving and getting back up to simple organizational standards. But that means that I have had a lot less time for emails, social media and the blog, hence why all of my recent posts have been with minimal writing. I promise that soon it will all be back to normal. Its not to mention that I […]