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World Championships in Shoemaking — The Competition’s Shoe Entries Part 1.

  Post written by Jesper of Shoegazing Blog 30 black oxfords, made by shoemakers from all over the world. Here’s a substantial review of all the competition shoes that entered the World Championships in Shoemaking. Info, comments, pictures of the shoes and in some cases also the manufacturing process. Brace yourself, this is the largest post ever posted on this blog (and there’s been some really long ones, as many know), so large that it […]

August 24, 2016

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Reader Question – Value of Quality??

Crockett & Jones – Clifford, Courtesy of Rugged Old Salt A reader recently asked me a question that I found to be quite pertinent to the interest of the average shoe purchaser who may not have unlimited funds. Please see question below: “I wanted to get your opinion on quality/worth since I am not knowledgeable to the same extent as someone in your position. I need a pair of black cap toe dress shoe and have […]

March 26, 2013

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Old School Beauties by Wildsmith

The more that I see shoes from makers that date before the 60-70’s (like these Wildsmith’s) that unfortunately no longer exist, the more that I love them. Right now in the world of consumerism and capitalism I really don’t think that every brand tries their absolute hardest to make the best shoe that they can. I know that some still do and keep hold of a very very high standard of quality but with the […]