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August 19, 2019

What I am Wearing Video Series

  I have always wanted to give inspiration to those that may not know how to wear bold shoes or have fears of shoes outside of what they are used to. I won’t claim to have the best style in the world, but I am not afraid to go bold every now and then show it. And I can’t be The Shoe Snob if I am not wearing the shoes that I preach about. So […]

July 10, 2013

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An Ode to Blue Dress Shoes

I have said it at least once and I will most likely say it at least a million times more, but the simple fact is that blue dress shoes (for me) remain the most underutilized option in the footwear industry. While certain shades of blue can pose as a bit over the top, I really don’t see how a dark navy or even that Edward Green spectator (below) would be seen as any more ostentatious […]

January 4, 2013

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A Bad-Ass Chukka Boot

It’s hard to make a chukka boot look bad, which would entail that it is easy to make a nice looking chukka boot. But this where it gets tricky, as I don’t actually believe this rationality. Chukka boots, for me, are just one of those things that almost always look nice, no matter what the last shape is (hence the word ‘almost’). But in reality, it’s hard to make a beautiful (being the key word) […]

August 3, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – Crockett & Jones Olympic Special Editions

Many fashion/clothing companies around London have been doing a special Olympic tribute by creating some article of clothing (within their collection) donning the colors of the Union Jack. And while I am all for patriotism of one’s own country or being proud of where you come from and representing it, there has been a bit of overkill by certain companies and things created that would be good for one day of use, yet cost tons […]

May 29, 2012

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The Next Big Trend: Colored Chukka Boots

Picture Courtesy of Septieme Largeur Year after year, there are new trends in the shoe industry, some of which are great and some of which are crap. I believe that the next big one that you will start to see popping up from brand after brand, is colored chukka boots. Some companies have already started leading the way by bringing them out in their current collections, and others I know will soon follow. I happen […]

February 20, 2011

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Shoes Of The Week – World Premiere

† Brought to you first by The Shoe Snob are these incredible new bespoke offerings in a collaboration between Carreducker and Gieves & Hawkes. As part of the Carreducker’s move into the G&H shop on Savile Row, was a five shoe collaboration agreement between the two companies as a way to offer something that fit the feel of G&H but gave the bespoke uniqueness and creativity that the Carreducker duo display so often in the […]