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November 22, 2011

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Toe Shapes And One’s Country

Crockett & Jones ‘Edgeware’ Having been fortunate enough, it has been with pleasure that I have seen (and now lived in) a few different countries in my life. And what always seems to amaze me, is how a whole country can be influenced by the same thing i.e. dress in the same sort of manner. Obviously, you will have those that stand out on either end, being that there will be some who dress great […]

March 29, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Cole Haan

† While I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of the shape of this shoe, having seen them in person, I am truly pleased that in the past two seasons, Cole Haan has made a big effort to re-introduce the saddle shoe into mainstream footwear. Not only did they provide all of the classic colorways, but they also managed to add some other unique combinations such as the lime green suede with faux […]

December 17, 2010

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Shoes Of The Week

Being from Seattle and America for that matter, I have never really needed to own any protect-your-feet-from-snow type of shoes. I have always liked the idea of these types of shoes but was always put off by the chunkiness of them, not really being a big fan of the clunky looking soles that they tend to have. But now I live in England and with the way the weather has been changing, I fear that […]

December 16, 2010

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My Shoes #9 – Cole Haan

Over the years while working in retail, I was able to acquire a ton of free shoes. While I hoped to get Ferragamo’s, Santoni’s and all of the other shoes that I could not afford to just buy whenever I pleased, I usually wound up getting more casual, not-so-glorified shoes such as these Cole Haan’s. But it was fine, because for one thing, they were free, but also good for the simple fact that I […]