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May 16, 2012

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The Perfect Shoe For Spring 2012

I have always had a hard time balancing smart and casual. I either tend to want to wear a suit with dress shoes, or jeans with trainers…only being forced to do the whole in-between as I have to for work. Part of this problem is finding the right shoe to tie together the smart-casual look. That, I think, has been my biggest problem. Suede is usually a good balance as it can be smart, but […]

October 6, 2010

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My Shoes Part 2 – To Boot New York

Style: Caldwell I started a post called ‘Critique The Shoe Snob’ a week or two ago and I saw that no one would critique me so instead of labeling it as such, I figured that now I would label it ‘My Shoes’ and just try to display every shoe that I own to show you what I wear, how I wear it and if you feel like applauding, critiquing, or anything else along those lines, […]