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August 4, 2015

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Worn to Reborn – The Decorative Sole Repairer

Art can be expressed in so many ways it is not even funny. Could be by building a place mat with wine cork or creating a small sculpture with hanger wire to simply creating beautiful drawings. But today we are talking about shoe art, because what else is there to talk about on a shoe blog?!! The art in question takes form in the decoration of shoe repairing whereby a young man in England takes […]

June 8, 2015

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J.FitzPatrick MTO Program Now (Finally) Live!!

I am sorry that it has been quite J.FitzPatrick heavy in the last few posts, but it just happens to be that everything is happening at the same time and I must let it be known to the world. Bear with me and I promise to get some more content on the site soon! That being, after much delay and anticipation (hopefully by some of you), my MTO program for J.FitzPatrick Footwear is now live […]

June 13, 2014

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Riccardo Bestetti Strikes Again

  I have said it before and of course I will say it again: it is so great to see new designs executed, especially when it’s a play off of an existing one. This one by Riccardo Bestetti is nothing shy of brilliant. That doesn’t mean that it is my favorite, as to be be honest I am not sure if I would ever personally commission it, but it is very well done and definitely […]

October 26, 2012

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Anthony Delos Bespoke – Designed By A Blog Reader

Let me start off by saying, that I always appreciate it when any of you come to visit me and say hi. This always gives me great pleasure as I have said before because without all of you, there would be no reason to continue writing. I know that many of you may not ever get the ability to visit, as you may live in other countries too far away, but hopefully in the future […]

September 20, 2012

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Saint Crispins + The Armoury – London Trunk Show

Legendary clothier, The Armoury, is back in London Town on Sept. 28th-29th, bringing with them this time, the famed Viennese shoemaking firm Saint Crispin’s. I for one am quite excited. While I unfortunately can’t afford to spoil myself to a pair of their shoes, it will be a nice treat for me to at least pop my head in, shake the hands of the gentleman behind the brand, and give their shoes a closer inspection! […]

August 13, 2012

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The Next Big Trend: Custom Loafers

When you think back to the 1940-1950’s (or watch series like Mad Men), you notice that things seemed to be quite uniform. Men pretty much all wore the same thing: gray/navy suit, black dress shoes, dark overcoat and a brimmed hat. There really seemed to be a standard of dress. Even where they were casual, they didn’t seem to stray far from the norm, sporting chinos with a tucked-in casual shirt (think polo or casual […]

April 2, 2012

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Shoes From Around The World

St. Crispins, Photo Courtesy Of: Zimmermann & Kim I find it very fascinating to examine the different styles that come from all of the different shoemakers from around the world. Each country has its own unique style, look and feel to their shoes. No two countries really duplicate each other. Sure, you have the French and the Italians who love a pointier shoe that many people feel resemble the same styling. But in reality, aside […]

March 14, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Bespoke Austerity Brogues

I have a friend who like me, once ventured outside of the US to go and study shoemaking (among other things, such as be with his wife…also like me). That adventure landed him in Germany, where he is currently residing and continuing to perfect his craft and skills, in the hopes (of which will occur) of becoming a bespoke shoemaker who offers lovely shoes to people around the world. On occasion, he gets a chance […]