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May 26, 2017

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My Trip to Rome

***This post will not be about shoes*** I am a bit shoe-d out at the moment so thought instead of trying to come up with some fast and most likely inconsequential post to quickly write about, I would do a series of meaningful posts about my small European tour before my official landing in NYC this coming June. So my first pit stop was Rome and this trip was entirely about seeing my son, who […]

Gaziano & Girling Graffiti

  I have always loved Graffiti. But I am not talking about amateur tagging or that rubbish you see splattered all over the place, by teenagers. I am talking about proper graffiti i.e. murals or tagging that actually takes skill, as real graffiti is an art and thus created by artists. Thomas Kalflo, who is the one that masterfully creates the patinas you see on G&G shoes, is also an artist that can draw anything […]