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November 16, 2013

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Edward Green Hove – A Great Single Monk!

I hope that you guys can appreciate me posting on my trip as I am getting so frustrated using WordPress on my Samsung tablet. It’s taken me about 20 minutes just to get this far!! Tablets suck for doing blogs and uploading images!!! Urghhhhhh!! Okay enough venting….. So I have recently been seeing this lovely brogued single monk by Edward Green popping up all over the internet. I have always liked this model as it […]

August 20, 2012

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Foot Versus Shoe Style

Saion – Derby good for wide feet with high insteps There are many types of feet in this world, most of which would not be labeled as ‘normal.’ If you happen to be one of those people who was not graced with these wonderfully ‘normal’ feet (such as myself) then you may have at one point in your life wondered, “what shoe (and/or style) will suit me best in fit and comfort?” That’s the big […]

August 6, 2012

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The Last 10 Years In The Shoe Industry

Picture Courtesy of: Style Forum Just over 8 years ago marked my entrance into the shoe industry, a day that I will never forget and will forever be grateful to the people that hired me, giving me a chance to discover what would soon be my future passion: shoes. I never would I have really guessed (the day that I was hired) that I would be where I am today within this industry and seeing […]

July 25, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – George Cleverley Bespoke

Picture Courtesy of: Leather Soul This is shoe porn at it’s finest. To be able to see so many different people’s idea of what to go for when going bespoke is simply brilliant. I wish that I was a friend of every bespoke shoemaker in the world so that they would all send me pictures of each completed shoe that they create for all of their clients. Imagine the range of diversity that it would […]

July 10, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Quoddy Boat Shoes

I haven’t been a huge fan of Quoddy in the past. Not that I did not like the brand, more so, just wasn’t crazy about the way in which they designed their soles. So the other day, I was puttering about waiting for my wife to call me and happened to run into my friend Fred (who is also a reader of the blog). I asked him where he was off to (as we crossed […]

June 27, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Saint Crispins Split Toe

Usually I am not a huge fan of derbies, nor split toes alike but for some reason Saint Crispin’s shoes seem to put a spell on me. One aspect is that even if I don’t particularly like the style, they make the shoes look so elegant nonetheless, which inevitably ends up jumping out at me anyway. Another reason, is the amazing hand-finishing that they put on many (if not all) of their models. Never before […]

May 21, 2012

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The Beauty Of Made To Order Shoes

Gaziano & Girling St. James II, Courtesy of Zimmermann & Kim Have you ever seen the coolest shoe ever, only that it came in just black or just brown or just some other color that you really didn’t fancy, or just thought was plain boring. I have….about a million times. And what did you do when this happened? Probably nothing, because what could you do, especially if this brand did not have any custom offerings […]

January 17, 2012

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First it was colors….Now it will be boots!

For those of you that have been long time readers of the blog, you will know that I have been a big advocate of seeing more abnormal coloring in footwear. Back when I started this blog (in Feb. 2010), I made some predictions indicating that within a year or two, colored shoes (outside of brown and black) were going to be a lot more prevalent in the industry. 2011 marked a big push for that […]

June 23, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – John Lobb Boots

The jodhpur boot is one of the most intriguing boots around. Not as plain as the chelsea boot, but by far more elegant. I love a shoe/boot that is clean looking i.e. has a large blank canvas of leather, free of stitching. How elegant is it that the leather starts at the toe and extends all the way up to the top, without any stitching? Lovely! The only thing that is throwing me off about […]

November 17, 2010

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Today’s Favorites – Plain Toe Derby’s

Above: George Cleverley – Photo Courtesy Of: Leather Soul 3 Above: Stefano Bemer Above: J.A. Ramis by MEERMIN 2Above: Corthay -† Picture Courtesy Of: Leffot A nice plain toe derby can go a long way: from jeans all the way to being worn with a suit depending on the cut and elegance of the particular model. It’s simplicity can be a refreshing treat when one is used to always wearing brogues, heavily stitched or intricately […]