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August 17, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – Stefano Bemer Spectators MTO

Carrying on the subject of green in one’s attire (from yesterday’s post), are a pair of MTO Stefano Bemers that were originally made for a Japanese customer, that for some reason did not take them and ended up in the hands of one of my blog readers whom comes from my old stomping grounds of Firenze. The cool thing about this, in my opinion, is the fact that Stefano actually had leather of these two […]

June 27, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Saint Crispins Split Toe

Usually I am not a huge fan of derbies, nor split toes alike but for some reason Saint Crispin’s shoes seem to put a spell on me. One aspect is that even if I don’t particularly like the style, they make the shoes look so elegant nonetheless, which inevitably ends up jumping out at me anyway. Another reason, is the amazing hand-finishing that they put on many (if not all) of their models. Never before […]

May 25, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – Gaziano & Girling Astaire

So I am in LA for a two day pit stop before heading back to Seattle, and am loving the feeling of being back in the States. Don’t get me wrong, I love London, but as saying goes, there is nothing like home. Nevertheless, as promised I am back on the computer writing to all of you about shoes, and what better than to write about my favorite model by Gaziano & Girling, the Astaire. […]

May 21, 2012

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The Beauty Of Made To Order Shoes

Gaziano & Girling St. James II, Courtesy of Zimmermann & Kim Have you ever seen the coolest shoe ever, only that it came in just black or just brown or just some other color that you really didn’t fancy, or just thought was plain boring. I have….about a million times. And what did you do when this happened? Probably nothing, because what could you do, especially if this brand did not have any custom offerings […]

May 8, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Gaziano & Girling Saddle Loafers

There is nothing quite like a nice loafer. They are so versatile and pleasing simply for the fact that you don’t have to bend over to tie them. I mean, what more could you really ask for? It’s laziness at its finest! If you must though, then allow me to elaborate….They go great with jeans, amazing with chinos, workable with suits, and pretty much every other trouser that you can think of….And I really never […]