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August 26, 2013

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Bestetti Back At It!

Bestetti’s workshop must be one of the greatest places on earth (for shoe lovers). The amount of shoe greatness that he creates on a regular basis, must add up and create a stockpile of beautiful pieces of art that one could drool over for hours on end. While I go to Italy quite frequently (to visit the in-laws), I find it saddening that I never get a chance to make it up to Vigevano (about […]

May 30, 2013

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Shoe Wardrobe Envy

Some guys get a bit of money, buy themselves a nice car, a nice watch, a monstrous TV or some other expensive gadget, but like this guy, I would just buy myself a bunch of shoes and an amazing wardrobe to house them all. Seriously, to need a ladder just to reach the top shelf of your wardrobe is simply on another level. His ceilings must be at least 15-20ft high, which is simply something […]

May 17, 2013

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Bestetti Back at it Again – Seamless Wholecuts and Such!

There is something magical about Riccardo Bestetti’s shoes. It’s hard to pinpoint it as there are so many factors that make them beautiful and maybe that is it. The conglomeration of all the small details, i.e. the hand-finishing, the elegant and tightly shaped lasts, the magnificent and unique patterns, the high sheen polish etc….. Nearly every time I see a new one, I fall in love. Each one of these shown is amazing, particularly the […]

January 17, 2013

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Bestetti’s New English Chisel Toe

Bestetti’s shoes are so beautiful they almost don’t look real. That’s the feeling I get when I look at the picture above. It’s so pristine and flawless and it’s not easy to make shoes look that way, which gives me the feeling that it can’t be an actual shoe, just a mirage of one!! Anyway, this is the new “English” last (chisel toe) as he calls it, that Bestetti just came out with. Of course […]

November 30, 2012

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Bestetti – A Shoe God?….DEFINITELY!

I finally saw some Bestetti’s in person, actually twice, within the last few weeks and I simply must say that the pictures in this blog, don’t do any justice to the actual thing. Simply put: his shoes are works of art, not theoretically, but by all means, literally. I was so impressed to see and feel them in person but then that state of impression turned to sadness as I realized that I don’t yet […]

October 12, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – A Bestetti Masterpiece!

Dear Readers, Yet again, it is a day that not only am I swamped under with 10 trillion things to do, but I am also quite emotional (mainly frustrated), and therefore, can’t get my head on straight to be witty for all of you. I do apologize and hope these pictures of Bestetti’s new masterpiece can make up for my lack of attention to the blog and all of you. I do promise to catch […]

August 28, 2012

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How To Become A Shoe Designer

(this will be ongoing until the end of it says “finished”) Part 1: I remember when I decided that I wanted to become a shoe designer and have a shoe brand that either had my name or a name that I created associated with it. I remember thinking, ‘how the heck am I going to get there?’  All I had known prior to that, was learning how to start a company while at University (as part […]

August 25, 2012

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Forgot To Mention…. (+ some shoe porn!)

Dear Readers, I forgot to mention to all of you yesterday, that as of tomorrow, I will be on a 12-day holiday in a remote country (AKA Albania = wife’s decision + free lodging), with limited access to Wifi. Therefore, while I will still be putting up posts on the blog, I will be a lot less attentive to answering comments and emails. Getting that out of the way, I thought that I would quickly […]

August 22, 2012

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More Bestetti Goodness

It’s rare to meet someone so passionate about something that they end up truly dedicating their entire life to it. Passion like this is often rare as it’s frightening to be dedicated to only one thing, as the risk of failure makes it hard to swallow the idea of having to fall back on anything else. But when you do meet someone like this, they are usually among the best in their field, such as […]

July 24, 2012

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Riccardo Bestetti RTW Line: Update

Dear Readers, A few months ago, I showed you a preview of things to come from Mr. Riccardo Bestetti’s Ready To Wear line. Well, today I have a bit more to show and tell you. Below you will see a series of photos. The first 8 will indicate the last shapes that are currently available (2 – one square and one pointy) as well as some of the models. The next 10+ will show you […]