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September 7, 2016

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Things to Know About Shoes: Part 1 – The First 10

There are many questions that people have about shoes; questions that are not easily found or answered. Here I will try and do my best to answer as many as I can think of from not only many different situations that I have experienced but from simple facts/opinions that I have learned during my time in the industry. Here are the first 10 that I have managed to scrape from my tired, Sunday night mind….I […]

January 11, 2016

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Pitti Week For Me

So I touched down in Florence yesterday and am now getting poured in 15 degree weather (which is really strange for this time of year, the common trend this Winter). Pitti starts tomorrow and it should be interesting. Will do my best to keep up with social media and whatnot and take pics of the latest trends. So stay tuned!! For those that ordered toe taps on your shoes during our Winter Sale, which is […]

August 20, 2015

Details by Foster & Son

  I always love looking at the archive shoes of Foster & Son, the ones that were made more than 50+ years ago and seeing how different they were in just about every aspect of shoemaking from the proportion of the lasts, to the fineness of the closing to the amounts of stitch per inch on the welt and last to the little details on the pattern that set them apart from the rest. Many […]

December 4, 2014

Saint Crispins Factory Visit

It’s amazing how a brand can come onto the scene and explode within a matter of months, going from virtually being unknown (in the grand scheme of things) to becoming the talk of the industry. In a sense this happened to Saint Crispins a few years back. It’s not that they were “unknown” per se, but that the people that did know them were only a small fraction compared those that know them now. I […]

November 4, 2014

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Radek Zachariáš – Czech Bespoke Maker

The question is how many bespoke shoemakers are there in the world? I reckon about 150-200, maybe even more if we think about the ones that are in China and India (yes they do exist) that we have never, nor will ever hear about. The beauty of Instagram is that we actually now have the chance to discover them, as the ones that can’t make a website, will at least have an Instagram account. You […]

July 3, 2014

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Mario Bemer – A New Start

For those that may not know, Stefano Bemer (the man) passed away about 2 years ago now. During the time that it occurred there was a lot of speculation as to what was going to happen with the company. About 6-8 months later, it was announced that the Stefano Bemer name had been purchased and that the company and shoes would live on. It was of course great news, as a name that was synonymous […]