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A Shoe’s Sole – A Form of Expression of Self

A sole is a shoemaker’s blank canvas. A part of the shoe that they can truly express themselves. While uppers are somewhat ‘standardized’, in the sense that there are expectations of what they need to be/look like, the sole is the part where creativity can run wild and a shoemaker can truly show their talents on their blank canvas of art. As a blogger and an advocate of shoes, it is often that we just […]

Leather Soles vs Rubber Soles

There is long debate on the differences between leather soles vs rubber soles with regards to comfort/durability/elegance etc. So I thought it wise to create a post in order to discuss all of the points and shed some light on certain myths that need debunking. I will break it up into the main topics that tend to be discussed labeling both pro’s and con’s for each in order for you to understand better the truth […]

October 16, 2014

Your Soles Soul

I saw this picture and just loved it. As it came from Instagram with no real source, I could not find a better quality to it, but I thought that you would all appreciate it as it really shows just how different soles can be. These ones are all by Stefano Bemer and really reminded me of my time there and my inspecting of every shoe there was in the showroom. The rubber sole on […]

April 7, 2014

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It’s All In the Sole

I love and hate a nice sole. Love it because when done nicely (like this beaut here) they can be so beautiful. But then hate them at the same time as you then don’t want to wear the damn things! You fight yourself to put them on. Fortunately most RTW shoes don’t have the type of soles that make you second guess wearing them. But in bespoke, when the sky is the limit, you can […]