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April 12, 2013

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Words Can’t Describe….

I have always been envious of this boot by Septieme Largeur. First because they are simply and utterly amazing and secondly because I did not think of them myself!! Nevertheless, I always admire seeing what kind of color combinations that they come up with, and it’s even better when it’s done in a patina form as the options are then not only a bit more wild but also unique and thus intriguing. Seeing as how […]

February 15, 2013

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A Legendary Boot by Septieme Largeur

The last time that I was in Paris, as I usually do, I found myself hanging about the Septieme Largeur shop, seeing what was new and exciting. While there, the owner Mr. Marcos Fernandez, was telling me of a shoe design that he was working on and that it would be something that I had never seen before. As you can imagine, I was incredibly intrigued by the notion of “something I had never seen […]

June 4, 2011

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Shoes Of The Week – Imai Hiroki

When I usually discover something new and I like it, you can bet that for the first few weeks, you will see it several times on my blog, kind of bombarding you. But, hey, when you find gold, you flaunt it. So that takes me back to this Japanese shoe maker, Imai Hiroki, that I have most recently discovered, who I must say, just might make some of the most unique and daring shoes, THAT […]