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August 31, 2010

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Shoe Of The Day

Shoe Of The Day

Trying to find a good looking “dress sneaker” is a tough thing to do. Although, the premium-leather sneaker idea is on the rise so now is the best time to find them. Every company is at least attempting to make a good contender. This one by John Lobb is pretty fantastic. It’s simplicity yet sleek design makes it a great candidate for something that you could wear with shorts, jeans, casual and slim-fitted dress trousers. It’s versatility is impressive as I am sure the price tag is too!! I love the color and the fact that it does not have any stitching around the toe area, giving it a very clean and sharp look. If only I could afford a pair, I would wear it with pride!!! Anyone else know of any good one’s???

Shoe Of The Day


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