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December 28, 2010

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Random Thoughts – Sartorial Blunders

Random Thoughts - Sartorial Blunders

I was just realizing that I have not really been a ‘snob’ in quite awhile and I think it’s about time that I got back into the role, being a big part of the reason I started this blog. I love giving shoe porn to the masses but, in reality, I especially love talking about all of the terrible, terrible sartorial choices that I witness in everyday life. Thankfully since I moved to Europe I have not seen this atrocity so much but just this last summer while I was home in America, I was so appalled that the major stores still sold as if they were still the high fashion. What’s worse is that guys still wear them as if they are the coolest thing and to top it off they couple their boot-cuts with square-toed shoes, GROSS!!

Sometimes, I feel like it’s not the fault of these d-bags, for dressing the way they do but really the fault of the buyers of America who, unfortunately, still buy this crap!!! Because really, if the buyers can’t move on, then neither can the public. Thankfully though, there are European stores like Zara and H&M — which have more proper fitting silhouettes — that are sprouting up everywhere and can appeal to the masses (considering that nice stores like Barneys sell t-shirts for $150 and we are not all rich). Bottom line though: We Americans need to move on. Let’s break free from these disgusting sartorial atrocities!! Baggy, boot-cut jeans are not cool! Affliction t-shirts are retarded! And more importantly, square-toed shoes are just outright horrendous. Get with the times, people!

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