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February 20, 2011

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Shoes Of The Week – World Premiere

Brought to you first by The Shoe Snob are these incredible new bespoke offerings in a collaboration between Carreducker and Gieves & Hawkes. As part of the ’s move into the G&H shop on Savile Row, was a five shoe collaboration agreement between the two companies as a way to offer something that fit the feel of G&H but gave the bespoke uniqueness and creativity that the duo display so often in the styles that they create. This is one of those 5 and so far, my favorite!
What I love about these boots (obviously besides the color) is the fact that such a simple idea, the middle seam, created something refreshingly different. Even though I love a nice, plain chelsea boot, they are hard to make different from each other. That being, a simple middle seam separates these boots from many of the others that you will find elsewhere. What else is great is the color swatch that they have available for their clients to choose from. Not only do they have a suede swatch with about 20 different colors but there is also a nubuck swatch, as well, that has another 20 different shades. So the options are endless….
P.S. While the boots look purple in some pictures, they are definitely not. They are some shade of blue that is quite unique but has purple tones to it. The second to last picture, below, gives the best example of the true color.
Shoes Of The Week - World Premiere

Shoes Of The Week - World Premiere
Shoes Of The Week - World Premiere


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