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April 6, 2011

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My Shoes #19 – Septieme Largeur

I just received my very first pair of Septieme Largeur shoes and I could not be more pleased. The funny thing was, even though my favorite color is blue, I did not own one pair of blue dress shoes. I used to in the past, but have since got rid of them and was seriously lacking in that color department. So when I first saw these I was instantly hooked and knew that I had to get a pair. For 295 Euros (245 + 50 for blue patina), I have to say that these shoes are well worth their price and even more.

With my sick love for shoes, I unfortunately fall in to the category of suffering through pain in order to wear the shoes that I want. Now, that is not to say that I will buy uncomfortable shoes, but it’s just that I have such jacked up feet that most shoes really don’t feel good at the end of the day, with the exception of a few. But I can truly say (or I would not be typing it) that these shoes did not kill my feet. That feat is no easy come by. I will say, that when I got home I was eager to put my slippers on but I managed to make it through a full day (on the first day of wearing them) without any pain, plasters (band-aids) or regrets!

As I was so eager to wear them, and had the perfect tie for them, I decided to give them my Michael Douglas (Wall Street) look, which is a favorite of mine right now due to the pleasant accessibility of braces (suspenders) in England, specifically on Savile Row. And while wearing them it occurred to me that no one particularly said ‘oh, you are wearing blue shoes,’ which made wonder why more people don’t wear navy shoes in the work space. I mean, seriously, outside of my lavender laces, a navy pair of shoes is not ostentatious, on the other hand, it is quite conservative. It is a dark color and would go great with gray, brown and even khaki suits. Yet so many people are afraid to wear them….. Anyway, I normally don’t say “buy this brand or that”, but at 245 Euros, for great styles and relative comfort, Septieme Largeur is a no-brainer for shoe lovers!


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