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April 17, 2011

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Shoes Of The Week – Edward Green

It doesn’t get much better than an Edward Green spectator (or correspondent as they say here in England). What I love about Edward Green’s version is the fact that they don’t necessarily use white as the contrasting color (or any other color for that matter), they tend to use suede, which due to it’s texture gives off the look of another color, even if the swatch was to have the calfskin be the same colorway as the suede. Hopefully that was not too confusing. But as you can see above, that is a midnight blue calf with a navy (or midnight blue) suede and they look like very different colors but they are actually comparable, just that the suede’s texture provides a different appeal to the eye in terms of look and color. For me, it still gives it that spectator feel but it is not as loud as a white contrasting one would be. That way, it’s more versatile. I still have yet to get a pair of Edward Green shoes, now that I am here in England, but I will do and until then will just keep admiring them!


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