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June 1, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Alfred Sargent

Today's Favorites - Alfred Sargent

While I am usually not into heavy looking shoes, I must say that this model by Alfred Sargent, is one of the nicest ‘working man’ type of boots that I have ever seen. Thanks to a reader of mine from Finland (who sent me this picture), I was able to gain some appreciation for this ‘denim’ type of boot, as he described it. As I love jeans myself — although I am no ‘denim head’– and I am sure that many of you do too, I can say that it is always nice to find a good looking leather shoe (or boot) that can compliment a good pair of jeans. And I can’t argue with my reader when he told me that these would look great with denim, because in all actuality, they definitely would! There is something about a nice derby boot that is quite appealing. While I can’t lie about balmoral boots being my preferred style, I can say that a derby boot such as this, definitely gives off that man’s man type of feel. That alone, is reason enough for many man to flock to this style, as a way to boost their esteem in the macho department. But nonetheless, macho or not, this boot would look good paired with some nice, denim jeans!!

Today's Favorites - Alfred Sargent

Today's Favorites - Alfred Sargent


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