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June 29, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Saint Crispin’s Part 2

It’s tough knowing a brand, that you like a lot, and not being able to see them in the flesh without either buying a pair or flying to the country of origin to visit their showroom. Saint Crispin’s, as well as many Japanese and French labels, fall into this category for me. That’s the beauty of being a shoe buyer though. If you truly wanted, you could go out and find many up and coming brands that you felt had potential and put them into your store. What a great job! Although, everything sounds easier when spoken versus when taken into action. As Ryan said in the interview below, it’s simply not about buying what you, the buyer, actually likes, but more what the mass market will like. In my opinion, that’s the downside. Because the mass market tends to like a lot of rubbish and brands that make beautiful shoes, such as these, stay small and never grow out side of their continent and maybe even their country. Yet brands that make crap, like many of the Kurt Geiger products, become a country’s biggest seller….and it’s all because of one factor: Price.

Price is king…..unfortunately.


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