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July 14, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Anthony Delos

Today I met a reader of my blog, and he just so happened to be wearing this shoe that you are looking at now, by Anthony Delos. It was funny because I was chatting with my friend and all of the sudden, I turn around and see the Delos shoes on this well-dressed gentleman. Now, I have had pictures of these (which are most likely taken by him) for some time now, and have just been constantly forgetting to put them up. This encounter made it the perfect opportunity to do so. The only problem was I had forgotten to bring my camera today — which of course is how fate would play it — and this was hands down the nicest shoe I have ever seen anyone wear. It was also my first true life encounter with Delos’ shoes, and to see them in person was a dream, especially after he has just won Artisan of the Year, in France, which I must say was well deserved! I began to comment on the shoes and it just so happened that he had come to meet me, so it was an easy ice-breaker. We then chatted for awhile, exchanging ideas and discussing the future of my shoe ventures. It was a pleasure to meet a fellow shoe snob and see someone wearing shoes of such exquisite style, and I welcome all my readers to come chat to me, if they are ever in London!

(color is most accurate in top picture)

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