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September 13, 2011

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Laszlo Vass: A Private Collection

Laszlo Vass: A Private Collection

Laszlo Vass shoes are truly beautiful. And coming from me, who is not the biggest fan of protruding welts and thick soles (at least not on slim ), it means a lot. He has managed to somehow create a shoe that is dressy, but has a pretty substantial sole on it, yet still be incredibly elegant. This is not easy to do. Maybe that is why, for such a small Hungarian shoemaker, he has quite a large following. This picture, for example, comes from the Style Forum, of which there is a thread that is dedicated to shoes and is call ‘The Ultimate Vass Porn Thread.’ This impressive collection comes from one of SF’s leading wardrobe owner, meaning that he is famed for having a ridiculous amount of clothing and shoes. It’s tough, I know. I can only read so much of this thread (and others like it) before I fill up with envy, especially when i see pictures like this, where someone takes a picture of his 5 brand new shoes that must have just arrived. Seriously….I would love to be able to order 5 shoes at a time, wouldn’t you??? Well, I must say that the wholecut and u-cap models (both second from left and right) have stolen my heart. They are magnificent, beautiful, elegant and worst of all….not mine!


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