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December 28, 2011

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What I Am Wearing

It’s been quite a lovely Fall/Winter season here in London, weather-wise, which has allowed me to wear things that would be otherwise saved for the Spring/Summer, such as this light gray Prince of Wales (POW) suit. While I think that I have only been able to wear it once (as it was just recently completed), I am eagerly awaiting the warmer weather to be able to flaunt it’s beauty. I had always wanted a POW suit and now that I finally have one, I am excited to see all of the wonderful combinations that I can create with it. Here, unfortunately, I went the boring route with my black loafers, as even though the weather might have been relatively nice, you just never know when it might start raining. And to take a chance with my shoes, for me, is just a no-no. But as soon as Spring comes, you can bet that the browns, blues, suedes and tans will be the only shoes that I will be pairing with this suit….

Shoes: Miro by Septieme Largeur
Suit: Old bespoke, altered for me by Chittleborough & Morgan
Shirt: Can’t remember, but not Primark this time…from TK Maxx (in US = TJ Maxx)
Tie: Either XMI or Ike Behar


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