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April 25, 2012

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The Downfall Of Church’s Shoes

Ever since the Prada group purchased English footwear brand, Church’s, there continuously seems to be a steady decline in quality, integrity and style, almost as if Prada is turning Church’s into a fashion company, much like Prada itself. I don’t understand this, as the old saying goes, “don’t fix something that isn’t broken,” and Church’s were not broken, at least not in integrity….They used to make a lovely shoe, one that used good leather, could last you nearly a lifetime, and held it’s classic yet fundamental values of making a great English-made shoe. These days, I just can’t seem to say that I feel that this is still the motto. Now, it’s like, ‘what trend can we tackle next?’ Sometimes it works, like this SS2012 collection with all of their colored suede loafers. That was a brilliant idea. Classic with a subtle twist. But camouflage on the soles? Really? That’s so in style with the fashion houses right now, but not something that I would expect to see being done by +100 year old classic shoe company. They are meant to live out style….not follow trends that won’t last. As stupid as it may sound, sometimes I actually feel sad that a company with such a great heritage, seems to be loosing all of its history, through bad decisions by people who don’t actually care about what it took to create this name, a name that was synonymous with good shoes, but only seem intent on tearing it down. What a shame….

Pictures Courtesy Of: The Shoe Buff