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May 25, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – Gaziano & Girling Astaire

Shoes Of The Week - Gaziano & Girling Astaire

So I am in LA for a two day pit stop before heading back to Seattle, and am loving the feeling of being back in the States. Don’t get me wrong, I love London, but as saying goes, there is nothing like home. Nevertheless, as promised I am back on the computer writing to all of you about shoes, and what better than to write about my favorite model by Gaziano & Girling, the . When I decided to get a pair of G&G’s and wanted to do so as an MTO, I knew that I was going to get the , but just didn’t know what colors that I wanted to get it in, as the options were literally endless. In the long run, I let my favorites get the best of me and just decided to go with midnight blue leather on top of navy blue suede. Not very creative, but I did really want a nice blue oxford and what better than to do so on a beautiful G&G…..However I quite enjoyed seeing what the gentlemen who purchased these two models managed to come up with. Granted, the brown pair is not too far off than what the comes stock in but if you look carefully he put in on the GG06 last and added a double sole. But the gray and black one is the business!! It reminds me of a shoe that might have come out of the Victorian era, but nicer! Anyway, I always love to see what people come up with for their MTO orders and there are not many better sites than Leffot (owner of the pictures) to do this!

See you back on Monday for a long post!!

Shoes Of The Week - Gaziano & Girling AstaireShoes Of The Week - Gaziano & Girling Astaire


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