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Monthly Archive: June 2012

June 29, 2012

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Alfred Sargent – Circle of Balmoral Boots

Picture Courtesy of: Claymoor This is the greatest picture that I have ever seen, hands down. Nothing else in the world compares to the idea behind this, and I absolutely love it!! One of the cool things about Alfred Sargent, is the fact that they seem to be quite open to experimental projects, as this ultimately was. While I won’t say who (as the last time that I mentioned it they got a bit fussy […]

June 28, 2012

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What I Am Wearing – Le Noeud Papillon

Not long ago a reader of the blog, who also happens to be the owner of Le Noeud Papillon, sent me a bow tie in gratitude of the blog, which I found to be very nice and rewarding! For me, it’s simply enough that people actually keep coming back to read more, let alone receive a gift for it, but nevertheless, here we are. As most of you may know, I do like a nice […]

June 27, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Saint Crispins Split Toe

Usually I am not a huge fan of derbies, nor split toes alike but for some reason Saint Crispin’s shoes seem to put a spell on me. One aspect is that even if I don’t particularly like the style, they make the shoes look so elegant nonetheless, which inevitably ends up jumping out at me anyway. Another reason, is the amazing hand-finishing that they put on many (if not all) of their models. Never before […]

June 26, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – The Circle Of Shoes

Photo Courtesy Of: Parisian Gentleman The thing that I love about French gentleman, is that they are not afraid to push the envelope in regards to sartorial decisions. Whether it be color, style, cut etc., there isn’t much they won’t try, as evident by the outfit worn by Mr. Marc Guyot here. And whether or not I like the piece that they do decide to wear, no matter what I at least respect them for […]

June 22, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – Crockett & Jones Archives

For the shoes alone, sometimes I wished that I was alive back in the 1910’s-30’s. Seeing that Gatsby-esque model on the left makes me understand how truly far behind we have become and how much more amazing and unique shoes were (in terms of the slight differences to the standard, that set the shoes apart). Let me rephrase that. In this day, we are able do so much more through technology and the use of […]

June 21, 2012

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Best Dressed Man In London

First note: I am not a professional photographer, hence the angle of this picture making his jacket look way too long and his torso very disproportionate. But this is not in fact the way that it really is, it is the picture and the angle of it that makes it look like this. So….sorry for that. This gentleman is a regular customer of ours, as I am sure many other places around London and I […]

June 19, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Tom Ford Tassel Loafers

While I can’t say that Tom Ford shoes warrant the ridiculous retail sticker cost that comes with them, I can say that for a “designer” he does have some beautiful and well made shoes under his label, such as these dark green tassel loafers. In fact, I think that for a designer brand, he probably makes the best shoes i.e. sources the best shoemaker that he could find in Italy to make his shoes. They […]

June 15, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – Vintage Spectators

There is truly nothing more eye-catching than a nice spectator. The amount of white that is usually present can’t help but allure you in to their captivating presence. Obviously you will have some that are much nice than others, but when done right and incorporated into a lovely outfit, there is nothing that screams ‘cool’ more so than them. I can’t for the love of me remember who these ones are by. I know that […]

June 14, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Buttero Boat Shoes

You may read this blog, look at all of my ‘what I am wearing’ posts, and think that I am just some snob that wears nothing but high end shoes and ‘dress’ outfits, but in actuality I am quite a casual guy. I probably have about 10-12 pairs of jeans, which are by far my all time favorite type of trousers. In reality I am a jeans guy and prancing around in my G&G’s doesn’t […]

June 12, 2012

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A Different Outfit Every Day

Looking at this picture, and not really liking the burgundy trousers paired with my (predominantly black) outfit, made me realize something about myself and the way in which I dress. Being that I have an excessive amount of clothing and dress by moods (and matching), I tend to always try something new. I realized that I think that I am relatively rare in this aspect, when I started to think about how the average man […]