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September 26, 2012

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Carmina Greatness!!!!!!

Carmina Greatness!!!!!!

The idea of the tassel on a loafer being in a contrast color is probably one of my favorite details in shoe design. The tassel, for me, is one of those things that creates a lovely complement to a plain shoe. It makes me wonder who the heck thought of it and how they came about designing it…..They were a genius, that’s for sure! Nevertheless, while a tassel is an easy thing to attach to your design, the way in which you attach is what is going to set you apart. Now, it will be really hard to describe this in words without showing you in person, but the way in which the string part of the tassel goes from the side of the shoe to the vamp area is simply brilliant. That is, the way that it comes over the leather and then into a little hole and back out to create the tassel ends. But most shoes are not designed as such. Their string bits will end on the side and go underneath the leather to pop out right at the vamp area, hiding most of the string bit….I hope that this makes sense…..but it is one of the minute details that for me makes this loafer 10 million times better than the competition…..Carmina never ceases to impress me and after this, they just went up even further in my book…..


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