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December 13, 2012

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Bespoke Suits Have Ruined Me!!

Because I am such a shoe whore, going bespoke on them hasn’t really made me want to only do that, although I would prefer it. But having had a bespoke suit made, wearing it, feeling and seeing the difference not only in fit, but in the way that it makes me feel has made me never want to go for anything less. Yet wanting champagne on a beer’s budget has always been a problem and will be for at least the next year….so what do I do? Well, dream for one….save up money for two and swindle my way into another great deal to get one on a beer’s budget! However that’s not as easy as it sounds….will have to do some trading of sorts. But this is definitely one thing that I like about London. Here it’s like the caveman days, before money existed and people traded fish for banana’s, where many artisans will say, ‘you make me this and I will make you that.’ Great for saving on a few bucks, but then definitely takes some time to produce. I guess you have to calculate what is more important, your time or your money. Either way, I love this about London and the rag/shoe trade in general….Let’s all exchange our products and rep them to people who ask! Sounds great to me and am therefore thinking of a nice navy 3-piece chalk-stripe flannel for my next one! Boo-Yow!!

(Socks are pink, not white, nor will they ever be white)

Shoes: J.FitzPatrick
Suit: Chittleborough & Morgan
Tie: E.G. Capelli for Linkson Jack
Shirt: Primark


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