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December 19, 2012

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It’s Official….Church’s Are A Fashion Label

It's Official....Church's Are A Fashion Label

Just because a shoe company can make a good shoe, does not make them a great company if the majority of the stuff that they are peddling is rubbish. I came across these shoes the other day and I just felt horrified by the vulgarity of them all. They are pure fashion rubbish……all things that people looking to be coolest on the block with the latest fashion trends drowning their entire being while thinking about the next trend to follow. It’s been awhile since I have went on a rant, and these shoes by Church’s have made me realize that I need to open the ranting back up. This stuff is just pure garbage and it’s sad that such a company with a prestigious history in good shoemaking could wind up making these monstrosities that make me cringe. What classically stylish man would wear shoes with rivets on them? NONE….So if that is the case, how can a shoe company that puts rivets on their shoes be classically stylish? It cannot….therefore, Church’s, a one time great shoe company, has now officially fallen into the fashion category, producing shoes that are intended for one-time catwalk use, not for everyday business wear. I know, I know….they still make a business shoe, but they are considerably overpriced for what you get. Bookbinder leather at 330? Nonesense….I can at least understand Loake using bookbinder, as their shoes are closer to the 200 range, but for anything more and the customer is just being ripped off……

How appalling…..If you wear Church’s….you need to switch to Crockett & Jones now….

It's Official....Church's Are A Fashion Label

It's Official....Church's Are A Fashion Label

It's Official....Church's Are A Fashion Label


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