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January 4, 2013

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A Bad-Ass Chukka Boot

A Bad-Ass Chukka Boot

It’s hard to make a chukka boot look bad, which would entail that it is easy to make a nice looking chukka boot. But this where it gets tricky, as I don’t actually believe this rationality. , for me, are just one of those things that almost always look nice, no matter what the last shape is (hence the word ‘almost’). But in reality, it’s hard to make a beautiful (being the key word) chukka boot. Saint Crispin’s have frickin’ nailed it on the head! Everything about this from the elongated toe, the last shape, the tight bevelled waist, the derby stitch design and the short height of it go so perfectly together, that I would almost call it the holy grail of chukka boots. Almost however, as it would be tough to say whose is better between this and the lovely Koji Suzuki model shown way back when (here). Nevertheless, I love a blue suede shoe, particularly when it is a model like this, and the more that I see Saint Crispins shoes, the more that I respect the brand, as they rarely make something that is shy of beautiful….not too many makers achieve that….not in my eyes at least!

Photos Courtesy of Style Forum

A Bad-Ass Chukka Boot
A Bad-Ass Chukka Boot


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