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January 9, 2013

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J.FitzPatrick Footwear….Nearly There Folks!!!

It’s so close that I can almost taste it and I can’t decide on whether or not I am fully prepared or a million miles away. It’s so surreal, as I have been dreaming about having my own shoe line for over 6 years now, that it doesn’t seem possible. And even though I am set for a March (fingers crossed) launch, I still have so much prep work to do, especially for getting them into Gieves…..  I will be heading to my factory at the end of January for one last quality control check, just to make sure that what they intend on sending me meets my obscenely picky standards. Hopefully I don’t miss anything!! I think that with these last pics, you will have finally seen the entire collection with the exception of just two models: the triple stitch cap toe in medium-brown and my semi-brogue with medallion in dark brown suede. I can only hope that all of you have seen at least one model that you like. Whether or not you purchase it, well that’s another story! 😉 Anyway, here you are, please enjoy and if you have not already, please tick one option on the poll that I have created and put on the top right of the page. Thank you!

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