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March 7, 2013

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Angelo Galasso – A Bit of Fabric Action!

Angelo Galasso - A Bit of Fabric Action!

We all know how much I love a bit of fabric/cloth mixed in with a pair of shoes, and this one here by Angelo Galasso is a great example. What he did here quite strongly reminds me of the one that I did in conjunction with Gaziano & Girling, albeit certain details differ between the two. Lovely nonetheless and I love the fabric that he did use, almost like a light canvas looking material. For me, all should be made with a fabric or cloth as opposed to a contrasting leather. But that would be in a very unrealistic ideal world. I do like the average spectator with a leather or suede vamp/quarter bit but I much prefer it with a cloth like material, as it just adds a bit more depth and uniqueness to it. If only we all had endless money to buy custom shoes….how great would that be!!


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