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May 10, 2013

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Crockett & Jones – SS2013 New Suede Loafer Collection

As the summer time comes (if it ever really does here in London), my mind and sartorial inclinations are often being directed towards loafers, particularly suede ones. Walking past the Crockett & Jones shop in the Burlington arcade the other day, I couldn’t help but notice the new Teign model in green suede with crepe sole. While not properly captured here, the shade of that green was simply spectacular and even better was the addition of the crepe sole (Benjy – looks like they beat me to it!!), which simply brings forth a whole other element to the mix. Unlined and lovely, these loafers look like a good excuse to find your way into the shop for some unique acquisitions. And seeing this makes me proud of C&J, as far too often, have I walked by that shop and see nothing but a sea of black and the usual shade of browns. So to see a bit of green and blue suede means progress is about. Well done on them!


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