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January 3, 2014

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The Single Monkstrap Shoe

The Single Monkstrap Shoe

Berluti shoes, but done by

For the last few years double monks have been all the rage in the shoe industry. And while I think that double monks will be popular for a while still to come, I do believe that the single monk will soon start to replace it as the dominating monk of the shoe industry. For me, personally, I have always like a single monk better than a double. It just seems so more much sleek and elegant. Don’t get me wrong, I think double monks are great and enjoy them like any other, but maybe it’s just my personality of not fancying what everyone else does. It’s my natural inclination to route for the underdog! Either way, I do think that the over-popularity of the double monk has run it’s course and that the time of the single monk is about to start.

The Single Monkstrap Shoe

John Lobb

The Single Monkstrap Shoe

Oundle MTO for Leather Soul in Cordovan

The Edward Green ‘Oundle’ has probably been the leading single monk of the shoe industry. It’s not necessarily the most beautiful (at least not for me) but is definitely the staple model, the one that sets the bar and the one that many other companies attempt to re-create, even myself, but of course adding their very own twist to it. It’s just so sleek and elegant and due to that allows for more versatility in dressing smarter where as the double monk, for some, can only be taken so far up the ladder of smart dress. The single monk, having the one buckle that is usually covered by the trouser can sneak itself up into the realms of elegant attire and I think that this one fact will help to increase it’s popularity with the masses whom need to wear suits to work. For the rest of us who simply just love , well something new always takes the lead in popularity and I just happen to predict that with the Balmoral boot, the single monk will be at the top!

As stated before, I too am plunging into the realm of the single monk and will be releasing my own version that is set to drop this March, along with my ecommerce site. It will be coming in the black calf (as shown) as well as a dark brown suede….exciting things to come!

The Single Monkstrap Shoe The Single Monkstrap Shoe




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