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October 21, 2014

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Autumnal Feel feat. Crockett & Jones

Autumnal Feel feat. Crockett & Jones

I just arrived in my factory town and have a quick 20 minutes to spare, so thought that I would knock out a quick post and show you all this lovely shot of some Crockett & Jones ‘Westbournes’ that have been given a nice little customized by patina by member Crat of Style Forum. It shows a very lovely patina job that I think makes it the nicest Crockett that I have ever seen and on top of that the picture is quite cool too. As I have stated before, I have always been a fan of in-the-wild photography as I really feel like it gives a more accurate take on the with the natural backgrounds and such. And this shot is a perfect example of that. In my opinion, something as basic and mundane as concrete (pavement) actually provides a far better backdrop to a shoe picture than most other surfaces. That muddled grey really helps to bring out the color of the leather. And when shot nicely in good light, creates beautiful pictures such as this!

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