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October 17, 2014

The Shoe Snob/J.FitzPatrick Goes To Hong Kong & Singapore

After a year and a half of the J.FitzPatrick brand being in existence, I have finally been fortunate enough to take myself and shoes to Hong Kong and Singapore for a few trunk shows. I am quite excited, not only to meet my supporters out there but also because I have never been to that side of the world and greatly look forward to experiencing new things. I know that many of you in that region of the world, who have been supporting the blog for a long time and have been curious about the shoes, have been hesitant to place an online order for fear of it not working out. I am therefore pleased that I finally have the chance to bring the shoes with me in order for all of you to not only see their quality but be able to try them on and see if they work for you.

j-fitzpatrick-footwear-sept-hero-wedgwood-074 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-sept-hero-wedgwood-tartan-030

Hong Kong

– – November 14th/15th — The Armoury — 307 Pedder Building (3rd Floor) —

The trunk show will take place at the one and only The Armoury who were kind enough to allow me to have my trunk show in their illustrious shop. As a clothier that stands for excellence and whom have pioneered many of the menswear trends that we see today, it is an honor to be presenting there and eagerly await my time spent in their shop. Appointments are not necessary but should you like to make one anyway please email me at

I very much look forward to meeting all of you in Hong Kong that will be able to make it!!

Facebook Event Page:

j-fitzpatrick-footwear-sept-hero-montlake-008 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-sept-hero-greenwood-black-022


— November 21st/22nd — Kevin Seah Bespoke — 55B/C Boat Quay — 

Singaporean bespoke tailor (and legend), Mr. Kevin Seah, was kind enough to host me for my trunk show and adventures in Singapore. Kevin and I have been friends for a while, and he once came and visited me here in London and now it’s time to return the favor. So for all of you in or around Singapore that weekend, please come visit us at his lovely new shop. Again appointments are not necessary but should you like to make one, please email me at to do so. We hope to see all of you there!

Facebook Event Page:

j-fitzpatrick-footwear-sept-hero-fauntleroy-011 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-sept-hero-wedgwood-109
I hope that many of you are as excited as I am to come out and I truly look forward to putting many faces to names from over the years. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me. And please pass this post on to anyone that you think might be interested. Thank you!

I wish everyone a good weekend,

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


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