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January 26, 2015

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Edward Green At Pitti Uomo 87

Edward Green


Another stop that I always make is the Edward Green stand and this time I saw something very interesting stuff, including this boot above, which I believe was a design of theirs from the early 1900’s that they are reinventing! Among others was the addition of some nice green semi brogues and some lovely spectator two tones in blue. It was nice to see EG branching out a bit, quite contrary to the comments that I had written in my previous post about them. Guess that I should have waited to see their Pitti stand!! Oh well, at least they are going for it and that is all that matters. Well done EG, keep it up!

And for those of you who happen to read this blog and have a shoe line of your own, no matter where it is, be warned that Edward Green have a patent for this boot above so copying it by any means would be an unwise decision. Just saying….

Edward Green Edward Green Edward Green Edward Green


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