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February 9, 2015

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The Classic Adelaide

The Classic Adelaide


I what I love about the adelaide is that in the grand scheme of shoe designs, it is relatively new for being such a classic look. I am quite sure that it did not come around until the 70’s. In reality that last comment is just speculation but I don’t really recall ever seeing archival that were , not at least the really old ones. Yet it has the feel of being around since the dawn of time. I personally prefer an adelaide oxford to a straight classic oxford. I feel that the pattern allows for so much more to be done with the shoe, in terms of two tones and what not. Overall I just feel it looks smarter i.e. not too boring.

With that, I just wanted to share this beautiful adelaide oxford by in their ever stunning color called Nightshade, found at Skoaktiebolaget. (where the pictures are also from)

Feast your eyes and enjoy!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

The Classic Adelaide The Classic Adelaide The Classic Adelaide


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