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April 14, 2015

1920’s Patina by Dandy Shoe Care

For those of you that remember, last year I had a patina collaboration between Dandy Shoe Care and my shoe brand, J.FitzPatrick. We used my Tony II model and it was a great treat seeing all of the interesting concoctions that people came up with. As a thank you to Alexander for doing such a great job and working with me on it, I gifted him a pair of shoes to see what he could do with them. Being a master in patina you can imagine how long it took him to simply think of the infinite possibilities that he could come up with. Keeping it quite on form with the pattern of the shoe, he created what he coined the “1920’s Patina.” Having that Gatsby like feel, he did himself a nice spectator styled patina that really accentuates the brogueing of the pattern. Lovely!

On another note, we will soon be relaunching this collaboration between J.FitzPatrick and DSC, but this time on our Greenwood model (see below). Stay tuned and for those that are eagerly awaiting, I will take pre-orders. (should launch within 2 weeks +/-)

Enjoy the sun for those of you in London!

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It will come with laces…of course!



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