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May 21, 2015

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Thorocraft Sneakers – For Grown Ups

Thorocraft Sneakers - For Grown Ups

The thing about me is that my love of shoes started from . I used to have every Nike there ever was. At one point, I must have had about +30 Nikes, 7 or so Converse, 6 Vans, 5 Sperry boat shoes and a number of Adidas and Puma. Now, I have given about 95% of those away, stick with my Superga’s and a few things here and there for lazy Sunday’s. But I still appreciate minimalist and would wear them too when the right mood presented itself. These ones shown, by Thorocraft, are right up my alley for what I would consider more of a ‘grown-up’ trainer, something that is still very casual but that could be worn in a semi-smart way if needed be. I don’t really like to show a brand if I can avoid it and think that the saddle inspired design of this derby sneaker is something quite intriguing for this style of shoe. And while 6 days a week, I am wearing something with a leather sole, there is no reason while Sundays and holidays can’t be graced with something a bit more on the casual side. After all, I am not that much of a snob! ­čśë



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