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August 3, 2015

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Green = Next Year’s Color

Green = Next Year's Color


I have some gut feeling that Green is the color of 2016. I see more and more companies using it for their and more and more people buying it (at least from what I see online, not so much in the streets!). I do intend to have at least one green shoe in my collection as I once had and know that for sure one will be in this new, beautiful green suede that I found. But back to the idea at hand and the in the post, I saw this lovely Bontoni shoe in what looks to be a dark forest green and couldn’t help but feel that green was on the rise. Just wait and see. And soon will be the day that dark green and navy leather will start to seep more and more into the industries that only allowed black and dark brown shoes. It’s not long now!

And for those that might have overlooked it, remember my brand, J.FitzPatrick Footwear, just started it’s Summer Sale. Things are going quick so don’t miss out!


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