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September 22, 2015

Norman Vilalta Uniqueness

Norman Vilalta Uniqueness

Photo Courtesy of Leffot

What I love about Norman Vilalta shoes is the fact that they are always something different aka unique. There is not much normality going on in his collection and I think it’s great. It’s had to start a brand only doing things that push the envelope and 90% of Norman’s collection does just that. And maybe that is the reason that he has done so well. I mean, who else is doing reverse patina on suede? Other than Corthay, quite possibly no one.

Who else does his big chunky soles on proper ? No one (Prada doesn’t count!). They aren’t exactly my thing but they have gone down a treat. And it’s great to see as I love brands that push the envelope and actually bring something new to the industry. I have said it before and I will say it again: While it may be smart and easy business to make the sure thing (aka a classic brogue or whatnot), it takes great courage and a lot of passion to make something unique and that no one else is doing. There are no guarantees when doing that! Well done Norman!


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